Communication Model

CCHPCS will build a model to allow effective and efficient communication within the Hospice Society and with external stakeholders.

We will fulfill our commitment to build an enhanced communication model through the following goals:

  • Determine objectives and roles of the communications team within the Society
  • Create an internal communication strategy using e-mail, postal mail, and telephone to distribute information to the Board,
    Executive and Members
  • Distribute articles about the Society into newsletters that are circulating in various organizations, such as community
    newspaper, community health boards, and VON newsletters
  • Maintain an internal monthly newsletter that is accessible to all members through email, webpage, or social media
  • Utilize SUMAC system to support all committees and track donations


Strategic Priority 2

Community Awareness, Education and Support

CCHPCS will enhance education and awareness to external stakeholders and community about the Hospice Society and their strategic directions.

We will fulfill our commitment to education, awareness, and support through the following goals:

  • Maintain current support and provide services that allows the Society to meet evolving community needs
  • Enhance the communities’ education by creating a social media presence that promotes community awareness of the
  • Create and maintain a website that allows all community members, partners, and donors to gain information regarding
    the Society
  • Host seminars and education sessions to inform residents of Cumberland County of the current services offered by
    CCHPCS, how to access services, and the importance and need for increased hospice care


Strategic Priority 3

Board Recruitment

CCHPCS will build a diverse, strong board structure that can address and support strategic priorities
and objectives

We will fulfill our commitment to board recruitment through the following goals:

  • Identify the core competencies that are required to support the society’s strategic direction
  • Catalogue current skills of Board members to identify learning needs in core competencies
  • Clarify leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Identify accountability framework through an organizational flow chart
  • Build on board-member knowledge and education through workshops and seminars that will identify national and
    local board governance changes that are required


Strategic Priority 4

Achieve Financial Sustainability

CCHPCS will create and implement a financial growth plan that supports current practices and future development of the Society through financial sustainability.

We will fulfill our commitment to achieving sustainability through the following goals:

  • Increase revenue sources through a financial plan which will engage government support, introduce simplified donor
    giving opportunities, corporate giving campaign strategies, and fundraising activities
  • Confirm funding and projection requirements to meet current and future needs
  • Ensure a transparent and accountable society
  • Build government and community support; recruit a campaign champion in order to launch a capital campaign